Customs Regulations for travellers to and from the Faroe Islands
From July 4, 2015

Duty and taxfree

These goods can be imported duty and taxfree, provided that the traveller is 18 years old

Cigarettes max. 200 pcs.
Cigarillos max. 100 pcs.
Cigars max. 50 pcs.
Tobacco max. 250 grams

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Spirits over 22% vol. alc. max.1 litre (up to 60% vol. alc.)
Fortified wine etc. up to 22% vol. alc. max. 1 litre
Beer max. 2 litres

Spirits over 22% vol. alc. max. 1 litre (up to 60% vol. alc.)
Table wine max. 2 litres
Beer max. 2 litres

Table wine max. 4 litres
Beer max. 2 litres

Beer max. 10 litres


In addition anyone may import duty and taxfree

Perfume max. 50 g.
Eau de toilette max. 250 ml.
Chocolate products max. 3 kg.
Soda max. 10 litres.

Duty and taxfree import
You may import goods duty and taxfree, provided that:
  • The goods are for personal use only and not for selling or other purpose of business.
  • You bring the goods in your own personal luggage, in order that you, upon request, readily can show them to the customs authorities when going through customs. 
Other goods
You may import other types of goods without paying duty and tax. Providing the total value of these goods does not exceed DKK. 2.500,-. If the total value exceeds DKK. 2.500,- duty and tax must be payed of the total value.

Goods consisting of multiple parts, that form a whole, operate together or are normally sold together, where the total value is determined to exceed DKK 2.500,- are liable to duty and tax. Nor can they be imported in parts, e.g. multiple times or by multiple persons despite the value of each part being less than DKK 2.500,-.
If you are unable to document a product’s/good’s value, customs may determine its value.
Once per day
Permission to import the above stated goods without paying duty and tax is only given once per day per traveller. 
Permission to import by paying duty and tax

Other than the amount of spirits that you may import duty and taxfree, you can at most, by paying duty and tax, import 2 litres spirits, 7 litres tablewine and 8 litres beer.
If you exceed this amount, then customs will confiscate the excess amount.

Other luggage
Goods sent as luggage or brought along on behalf of others will be imposed duty and tax.
Goods imported duty and taxfree as luggage, and that by some reason have been sent back to the seller, ex. in order to exchange them, will be imposed duty and tax payment.

It is punishable by law not to inform customs if you carry goods exceeding the permitted amounts.
It is punishable by law not to inform customs if you carry goods exceeding the permitted amounts.

Choose the green lane!
If you only carry goods that may be imported duty and taxfree and are not covered by special import regulations.

Choose the red lane!
If If you carry goods that are not exempt by duty and tax.
If you carry goods that are covered by special import regulations
If in doubt about which lane to choose

Please note
The lane you choose is an indication to the customs authorities. If you are checked by customs in the green lane, and you have exceeded the amount of goods you may bring, it is considered a breach of customs regulations and is therefore punishable by law. Normally the penalty is determined as a fine of double the total value of the imported goods.
It is your responsibility ...
Customs have the right to perform control upon entering the country and when leaving the country. They have the right to examine your luggage as well as your means of transportation. You are obligated to provide the customs authorities with all the information they believe necessary in order to make the control.
It is your responsibility to unpack and repack that which has been demanded examined.
Special import rules
Special import rules apply to various goods – e.g.:

- Animals that are alive
- Medicin for humans and animals
- Narcotics
- Meat
- Weapons
- Fireworks

It is prohibited to import some of these goods, or some of these goods that are regulated by a special import licence. Information can be found with the customs authorities, whether special rules apply to the goods you are planning to bring in to the Faroe Islands.
Travel luggage
Travel luggage that you bring on your trip from the Faroes is duty and taxfree.

If you bring electronic equipment, computer, tv, radio, recording devices or similar, then make sure to bring the receipt when re-entering the country, in order that you upon request can document to customs that they have been bought on the Faroe Islands.
If you are not a permanent resident of the Faroe Islands, you can purchase Tax-Free products to take with you from the Faroes. You must purchase for at least DKK 300,- from each store for the purchase to be Tax-Free.
In order to get the refund, customs has to stamp your Tax-Free check when leaving the country. Furthermore you have to display the goods and be able to document that you are not a permanent resident of the Faroe Islands.

If it is a Faroese issued check, the refund will be paid at the Information desk at the airport, onboard the ferry Norrøna or by sending the check to:

Tax-Free Shopping, PO Box 1391, FO-110 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
Tel. +298 211 025, fax. +298 314 967, e-mail:
If you have knowledge of someone, or suspect that someone is importing drugs to the country, we encourage you to inform the authorities, so that we can help prevent drug abuse in the Faroe Islands. All information will be treated confidentially.

Contact the Customs Authorities on phone number: +298 287 287, open 24 hours,
e-mail: or postal address:
P.O. box 2151,
FO-110 Tórshavn,
Faroe Islands.

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