Customs Tariff

The Customs Tariff, in Faroese Toll- og vøruskráin, is a list where you can look up customs duty and other fees on goods purchased abroad. Find the link under quick links.

How to search in the Customs Tariff list

There are two ways to search in the Customs Tariff list. 

Either scroll down and click the chapters and numbers you want to see. Or use the search engine. Click "Search" in the green bar at the top. If you are using a smartphone, click the hamburger menu and then "search". 

When you have clicked search

In the Customs Tariff list, each good has a number. For example, the number of sandals is 6403.20.00. If you know the number you want to look up, simply type it in the search field, select "Search in Tariff number and text" and search. When the result is showing, click the number to see the customs duty and fees. 

If you don't know the number, you can search for the word. You cannot use symbols such as stars or quotation marks. Write the entire word or the first part of the word, select "Search in Search words" and search.