The Broadcast Receiver License

Since 1 January 2016 TAKS has collected the broadcast receiver license on behalf of Kringvarp Føroya. The license fee also applies to employers.

Which employers are required to pay the license fee?

All public institutions, municipal institutions, self-governing institutions, intermunicipal associations as well as all limited companies and private limited companies.

Fee rates

The fee is determined according to the total labour costs of the year. See the table below.

Labour costs from:Labour costs to:Annual fee:
DKK 0.00DKK 99,999.99DKK 0.00
DKK 100,000.00DKK 499,999.99DKK 2,000.00
DKK 500,000.00DKK 999,999.99DKK 3,500.00
DKK 1,000,000.00DKK 2,999,999.99DKK 7,000.00
DKK 3,000,000.00DKK 6,999,999.99DKK 8,000,00
DKK 7,000,000.00DKK 9,999,999.99DKK 9,000.00
DKK 10,000,000.00DKK 12,000.00

How is the fee collected?

The broadcast receiver license is charged by invoice.