About Vinnuskráin

Vinnuskráin is TAKS' internal register of businesses and associations. When you register in Vinnuskráin, you get a V-tal, which is short for vinnutal and is comparable to what is often called a VAT number in English.

Registration, amendment and deregistration in Vinnuskráin

When you register, amend or deregister your business in Vinnuskráin, you must specify the type of business. I.e. is it a limited company, private limited company, partnership, sole proprietorship, interest group or something else.

Read more about the different types of businesses under quick links.

If the owner of a company moves abroad

If the business continues
If the business continues while the owner of the company moves abroad, it is necessary to have a representative who resides in the Faroes. The representative and the company then have joint responsibility. The representative must complete and sign the registration form "Representative in the Faroe Islands for a foreign company".

If the business closes down
If the business in the Faroes ceases while the owner moves abroad, the company must deregister in TAKS' business register, Vinnuskráin.