Duty-free for travellers

Travellers to the Faroe Islands may bring some goods tax- and duty-free if they meet certain conditions. 

How much can I buy duty-free?

Travellers to the Faroes are permitted to bring the following for own consumption without paying tax and duty. You may bring the following allowance once within 24 hours. The minimum age for bringing alcohol or tobacco is 18 years. 


  • 1 litre of spirits over 22% ABV (at most 60% ABV) + 1 litre of fortified wine up to 22% ABV + 2 litres of
    • beer or
    • cider up to 5.8% ABV
  • or 1 litre of spirits over 22% ABV (at most 60% ABV) + 2.25 litres of table wine + 2 litres of
    • beer or
    • cider up to 5.8% ABV
  • or 2.25 litres of fortified wine + 2 litres of
    • beer or
    • cider up to 5.8% ABV
  • or 4.5 litres of table wine + 2 litres of
    • beer or
    • cider up to 5.8% ABV
  • or 10 litres of
    • beer or
    • cider up to 5.8% ABV


  • 200 cigarettes
  • or 100 cigarillos
  • or 50 cigars
  • or 250 grams of tobacco

Perfume, aftershave, chocolates/sweets and soda

  • Perfume, 50 grams maximum
  • Aftershave, 25 centilitres maximum
  • Chocolates/sweets, 3 kilograms maximum
  • Soda, 10 litres maximum

Other goods
You may import other goods duty-free if the total value of these goods does not exceed DKK 2,500 excl. VAT. If the total value exceeds this amount, you must pay duty on the total value. Goods that consist of multiple parts, but belong together, cannot be imported in parts, over multiple trips or of multiple persons duty-free, despite the value of each part being less than DKK 2,500 excl. VAT.


The red and green channels

When you as a traveller arrive in the Faroe Islands, you come to the arrival hall at the airport or the ferry terminal, you must choose to go through the red or the green customs channel. Both are clearly marked.

The red channel
Proceed to the red channel if you bought goods with a value exceeding DKK 2,500 excl. VAT, or if you bought more than your duty-free allowance of goods. You must also go through the red channel if you have special goods, such as a dog or a cat.

The green channel
Proceed to the green channel if you only bought goods with a value of less than DKK 2,500 excl. VAT or you bought goods that are within your duty-free allowance.

Choose the red channel if you are in doubt
If you are not sure which channel to choose, proceed to the red channel and ask a customs officer.

Customs officers can carry out selective checks on travellers in the green channel
Passing through the green channel is the same as telling customs that you have nothing to declare. If customs decide to do a check in the green channel, and you have something to declare, you will be fined.

Pay the customs duty to import more goods

If you want to bring more goods than the duty-free allowance, you must declare the goods and pay the rates described below. 

Travellers, aged 18 and over, are allowed to bring the following total when arriving in the Faroe Islands: 

  • 3 litres of spirits between 22% and 60% vol. alc.,
  • 9 litres of wine or other alcohol up to 22% vol. alc. and
  • 10 litres of beer or cider.

Anything exceeding the above-mentioned amounts will be confiscated by customs. 

Customs duty rates

 100 cl75 cl50 cl37,5 cl
Table wine35 kr.25 kr.20 kr.15 kr.
Champagne40 kr.30 kr.20 kr.15 kr.
Fortified wine55 kr.40 kr.30 kr.20 kr.


Alcohol %100 cl75 cl50 cl37,5 cl
 1775 kr.55 kr.40 kr.25 kr.
1880 kr.60 kr.40 kr.30 kr.
1985 kr.65 kr.40 kr.30 kr.
2090 kr.65 kr.45 kr.30 kr.
2195 kr.70 kr.45 kr.35 kr.
2295 kr.75 kr.50 kr.35 kr.
23105 kr.75 kr.50 kr.35 kr.
24110 kr.85 kr.55 kr.35 kr.
25110 kr.85 kr.55 kr.40 kr.
26115 kr.85 kr.60 kr.40 kr.
27120 kr.90 kr.60 kr.40 kr.
28125 kr.90 kr.60 kr.45 kr.
29130 kr.95 kr.65 kr.45 kr.
30130 kr.100 kr.65 kr.45 kr.
31135 kr.100 kr.70 kr. 45 kr.
32140 kr.105 kr.70 kr. 50 kr.
33145 kr.110 kr.70 kr. 50 kr.
34150 kr.110 kr.75 kr.55 kr.
35150 kr.115 kr.75 kr.55 kr.
36155 kr.115 kr.80 kr.55 kr.
37160 kr.120 kr.80 kr.55 kr.
38165 kr.125 kr.80 kr.55 kr.
39170 kr.125 kr.85 kr.60 kr.
40170 kr.130 kr.85 kr.60 kr.
41175 kr.130 kr.90 kr. 60 kr.
42180 kr.135 kr.90 kr.65 kr.


185 kr.140 kr.90 kr.65 kr.
44190 kr.140 kr.95 kr.65 kr.
45190 kr.145 kr.95 kr.65 kr.
46195 kr.150 kr.100 kr.70 kr.
47200 kr.150 kr.100 kr.70 kr.
48205 kr.155 kr.100 kr.70 kr.
49210 kr.155 kr.105 kr.75 kr.
50215 kr.160 kr.105 kr.75 kr.
55235 kr.175 kr.115 kr.80 kr.
60255 kr.190 kr.125 kr.90 kr.



1 bottle

25 cl

1 bottle

33 cl

24 bottles

33 cl

30 bottles

33 cl

1 litre
Beer, up to and incl. 4.6% 4 kr.95 kr.120 kr.12 kr.
Beer, more than 4.6% up to and incl. 5.8% 5 kr.120 kr.150 kr.16 kr.

Beer, more than 5.8%

 9 kr.215 kr.270 kr.27 kr.
Cider8 kr.9 kr.   
Alcopops10 kr.    
Soda  40 kr.  50 kr.5 kr.

Chocolate/sweets, 1 kilogram: 45 kr.


Customs have the authorisation to conduct examinations upon travellers, their baggage and means of transportation. Travellers are obligated to give the customs officers all the information deemed necessary in order to make the control.

It is the traveller's responsibility to open and repack the baggage that has been demanded examined.

Special importation regulations

There are special regulations concerning the importation of some goods, for example:

  • Live animals
  • Medicine
  • Narcotics
  • Meat
  • Weapons
  • Fireworks

Some of these goods are prohibited and others require special permits. Read more in the sections Restricted goods and Banned goods under Online shopping.


Travellers carrying a cash amount equivalent to EUR 10,000 or more into the Faroes or from the Faroes are obligated to declare it with customs.

Download the application form for Cash declaration, available on this website, and return it to the customs authorities via a secure email to: or by post to TAKS, Smyrilsvegur 20, Postboks 2151, 110 Tórshavn.


Travellers not residing in the Faroe Islands can buy goods in the Faroes tax-free. The purchase must be for at least DKK 300 from each shop. To get the tax refund, the tax-free form must be stamped by customs at the departure airport or ferry terminal before departing the Faroes.

If the tax-free form is Faroese, you can get the tax refund at the information desk at the airport or onboard the ferry M/S Norrøna.