Only the Faroese Pharmacy Service (Apoteksverkið) is authorised to import medicine to the Faroe Islands. When customs officers come across goods that look like medicine, they send for the pharmacy service who will then decide if it is medicine. If it is medicine, it will be released to the police, who will then contact the recipient and settle the matter. TAKS will always notify the recipient first. 

Naturopathic medicine and dietary supplements

Naturopathic medicine and dietary supplements are usually not considered medicine and can be ordered online. If there is a matter of doubt, the parcel will be held by customs until the pharmacy service can confirm that it is not medicine. Once it is confirmed, the parcel will be delivered. 

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes containing nicotine are classified as medicine. This means that only the Pharmacy Service (Apoteksverkið) is allowed to import it.

Travelling with medicines

Travellers are allowed to bring any medicines they will need during their visit to the Faroe Islands.