Moving to the Faroes?

When you move to the Faroes your personal belongings are exempt from tax and duty, on the condition that you, as the owner, really are moving your domicile to the Faroes and giving up your foreign domicile.


As proof of moving, TAKS requires a certificate of change of address from the municipality of residence (national register) to which you are moving. When importing personal belongings, you are also required to complete and submit a declaration issued by TAKS.

You will find the "Importation of personal property declaration" to the right, under Forms.

Terms and conditions

In order to import belongings exempt from tax and duty, they must be owned by the person moving. The items must also have been used by you or your household, and continue to be used by you or your household. The items must have been owned by the person moving, or their household, for at least 6 months before moving to the Faroe Islands.

Motor vehicles

Any motor vehicles, boats and aircraft imported exempt from tax and duty, must be intended solely for the owner’s personal use, and the owner must be at least 18 years old. If any such vehicle changes owner within 1 year of the day of import (for motor vehicles, the day of registration in the Faroes), the vehicles will be subject to tax and duty pursuant to the general import rules and regulations.

Each person is only allowed to import one of the above mentioned vehicles exempt from tax and duty.

Term of the entitlement

The entitlement to import personal belongings exempt from tax and duty lapses one year after moving. 

Other goods

Food items, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages cannot be imported as personal belongings exempt from tax and duty.