Dual Household Subsidy

Dual household subsidy may be granted to individuals who, for work-related reasons, have two homes. In Faroese it is known as stuðul til dupult húsarhald.


You meet the requirements for dual household subsidy if you:

  • are married or are a cohabiting couple over a long period of time
  • reside in the Faroe Islands
  • for work-related reasons, incur expenses of a second home also in the Faroe Islands.
Dual household subsidy calculation

The monthly subsidy for renting a second home is DKK 488.00, and the daily allowance for additional board expenses is DKK 20.50 per day.

Example of calculating dual household subsidy
An applicant claims rent for 12 months in a year and additional board expenses for 220 days.

12 months x DKK 488.00 = DKK 5,856.00
220 days x DKK 20.50 = DKK 4,510.00
Total subsidy paid DKK 10,366.00.

Dual household subsidy is paid every Friday.

How to apply for dual household subsidy

In order to receive dual household subsidy, you must submit an application to TAKS. There are two ways to do this.

1. The simplest way is to use our online portal, Borgaragluggin, where the forms are ready to be completed and submitted digitally. 

2. You can also download the application form for dual household subsidy, available on this website, and return it to TAKS electronically via Mínboks or by post to TAKS, Postboks 2151, 110 Tórshavn.