Borgaragluggin is TAKS' online self-service portal, where you can submit your tax return and look up a range of information, such as income, taxes and more, at your convenience.

Borgaragluggin is available in English.

What can you do in Borgaragluggin?

Borgaragluggin is your online tax portal which contains information specific to you. In Borgaragluggin you can manage, for example:

  • travel subsidy
  • student-loan interest subsidy
  • home-loan interest subsidy
  • dual household subsidy
  • tax return
  • capital gains return
  • change the holiday allowance and tax refund account number
  • edit your tax statements going back three years

Furthermore, you can look up a variety of information such as your:

  • pension
  • wage/salary
  • holiday allowance
  • basic information
  • old tax statements
  • assets and debts
Log in to Borgaragluggin with Samleikin

Samleikin is a digital login for services such as Borgaragluggin and Vinnugluggin. Samleikin comes in the form of an app for smartphones and tablets. Samleikin is developed by Talgildu Føroyar, and is available to everyone over the age of 15 and with a Faroese p-tal.

Get the Samleikin app under Quick Links on this page

Download the app from App Store or Google Play, depending on your provider. See a video guide (in Faroese) under Quick Links on how to proceed once you have downloaded the app.

Need help with Samleikin?

Call Talgildu Føroyar’s customer service on 1881 Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4.30 pm or email

Power of attorney

If you want someone else to manage your taxes, you can grant them a power of attorney. This means that they are authorised to use Borgaragluggin in your name and act on your behalf. This can be someone you know and have confidence in.

Apply for a power of attorney directly on Borgaragluggin under basic information/authority > Power of attorney or send us an application by post. Find the application form under Forms.

You decide if the power of attorney should be valid for one, two or three years

If you opt for several years, you don’t have to renew it every year.

Need help with Borgaragluggin?

Call TAKS’ customer service on 35 26 00 Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm or email We are happy to help.

If you need help with Samleikin, call Talgildu Føroyar on 1881 Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4.30 pm or email