Motor Vehicles

Are you planning on buying a car or some other motor vehicle from abroad, there are a few things to consider.

Customs duty and other fees

If you wish to import a car purchased abroad, new or used, you must pay customs duty (GATT) and VAT on the purchase value + freight cost, i.e. on the CIF* value.

If the car was manufactured in the EU, you may be exempted from customs duty (GATT), provided that you have a certificate of origin from the seller. The certificate of origin may either be a EUR1 certificate or a certificate declared on the invoice. A EUR1 certificate of origin must be stamped by the customs authority in the country of shipment. If the certificate is declared on the invoice and the value of the car is more than EUR 6,000, the certificate must have an authorisation number.

The cost of importation is payable to TAKS when the car reaches the Faroe Islands.

*)CIF is short for cost, insurance and freight.

Registration Fee

Akstovan (Faroese Vehicle Registration) collects registration fees on motor vehicles. Before deciding to purchase a vehicle, it is a good idea to check with Akstovan how much you will have to pay to register the vehicle.  

Are you moving to the Faroes and want to bring your car?

Then you may be allowed to bring the car without paying customs duty and other fees, if you meet certain conditions. Click the link called "Moving to the Faroes" to read more.

Bringing motor vehicles as a visitor

Visitors to the Faroe Islands may bring their car, caravan or leisure craft to the Faroes if they meet certain conditions.


  • The vehicle must be not used by permanent residents of the Faroe Islands.
  • The vehicle may stay in the Faroe Islands for a maximum of 3 months in a 12-month period. However, TAKS may extend this period in agreement with Akstovan.
  • The vehicle may not be used for any commercial activity. The use of lorries or delivery vans is considered a commercial activity. However, the use of such vehicles imported by traders or inspectors for their own temporary usage is permitted.
  • Vehicles registered with temporary license plates (border license plates) in the country where they are made, can also be exempt from duty.
  • Busses arriving in the Faroes with visitors may also be exempt from duty if the bus only carries the passengers that came with the bus and if the bus departs the Faroes with the same passengers.

If the conditions are not met
Vehicles coming into the Faroes that are in breach of the conditions of their exemption, are immediately charged customs duty and other fees and may be required to leave the country. Furthermore, they may be taken into custody according to § 39 of the Tariff Act.